Yoga Burn Review

A few months ago a friend of mine named Sophia saw an ad online claiming to help her lose weight and tone up her body through Yoga.

This program is called the Yoga Burn and it’s made by a woman named Zoe Bray-Cotton.

Sophia ended up purchasing the program for herself. Not for the claims of weight loss though.

She’s average when it comes to weight but she isn’t necessarily in the best shape.

Her main reason for buying it was that she’s self-diagnosed to being allergic to the gym. The fact that she could do Yoga from the comfort of her home was a huge selling point.

Also, she was really interested in gaining some muscle “in the right places to look fiiinnnneee”

After seeing significant results in her strength and body she reached out to me because she wanted to make a review.

With her help and feedback we were able to put together this Yoga Burn Review!

Let’s start off with learning more about it’s creator.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

reviews on yoga burn

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the heart and soul behind the Yoga Burn program.

She is well known for being a female body transformation expert with over a decade of experience with Yoga and personal training.

Zoe is an inspiring and powerful woman who decided to use her knowledge to help put together a very thought out Yoga program.

It was her goal to make a program that would outline at the necessary steps and adjustments to help women all over the world transform their bodies.

After spending a significant amount of time putting all her knowledge to work she was finally able to create her Yoga Burn program!

Yoga Burn Review

review of yoga burn

Yoga burn is a fitness program that is specifically designed to help women lose weight and tone up their bodies

The program is based off the ideals of Dynamic Sequencing.

This is performing certain poses properly and using these yoga poses to firm and shape your body.

Dynamic sequencing will help you learn how to do the basics of every pose and slowly apply those poses into more advance and challenging workouts

Zoe structured her Yoga Burn to be a complete 12 week program that helps you tone and firm your body while also losing weight.

Yoga is fun kind of workout that doesn’t require any weights or even a gym membership.

This is probably one of the main reasons for it’s popularity.

Overall, Zoe made a fun program that if followed correctly will help you see the results you’re looking for.


Okay, so what happens if you buy this program?

What kind of results or benefits should you expect?

Here’s a few things;

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved blood flow
  • Improved mood


After looking into this program, I spent some time in forums and fitness blogs looking for real life experiences.

I reached out to multiple women who were okay with sharing their stories but did not want us to reveal the identities.

So please keep in mind that the following are real testimonials but pictures and names have been changed at the request of the women who these stories belong too.

Tiffany Renews Her Vows

yoga burn fitzilla

Tiffany, who’s 47 years old, was 20 pounds overweight.

One day, after 20 years of marriage, her and her husband decided they wanted to renew their vows.

However, they were both out of shape so they set the date for a year later so they can lose some weight before the ceremony.

Tiffany struggled a lot more than her husband did. 8 months has gone and she had only lost 5 pounds, her husband already lost 30 and hit his goal weight.

She told us she randomly got an email for the Yoga Burn program and being desperate to lose weight she bought it immediately.

After completing the 12 week program she lost 25 pounds and was able to look good in her original wedding dress!

First off, it wasn’t easy! Zoe’s program laid out the entire program for me step-by-step and I did my best to follow her instructions and well, the results speak for themselves.

Jessica’s B-day Suit

review yoga burn

Jessica is a 29 year old who simply wanted a flatter stomach

She ran track in high school an stayed active throughout her college years. After getting her career she started to gain a little bit of weight.

Luckily, it was only 10 pounds she gained so nothing too crazy. The problem was most of it was in her midsection area.

Her birthday was 5 months away and she wanted to plan a vacation to Cancun with her friend BUT she also wanted to look good in her bikini.

A co-worker recommended she try the Yoga Burn program.

After completing the program she lost 12.5 pounds and actually gained some muscle. Her entire body looked more lean and tone.

She rocked her bikinis for an entire weekend while celebrating her birthday!

Please Note!

We do NOT sell this product!

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How Does Yoga Burn Work?

Like I mentioned before the Yoga Burn is a 12 week program that’s broken down into 3 different phrases.

Each phase of Yoga Burn should last you 4 weeks and consists of 3 different workouts.

This gives you a total of 9 different exercise videos (plus bonuses that that I’ll get to in a bit)

Each exercise video is 15 minutes long and is to be repeated 3 times. The grand total for each workout is 45 mins.

yoga burn video

Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase

This is the first phrase in the program but it serves as the cornerstone to the Yoga Burn.

In this section you’ll learn the introductory poses along with the proper forms to execute them.

Zoe basically holds your hand and guides you through the entire workout while teaching you how to tie each pose together in a smooth sequence.

If you’re already doing yoga then this section may be a bit basic to you.

However, the way the fast pace will help boost your metabolism

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase

After spending 4 weeks building a good foundation, it’s time to use strength and flexibility to get through the next 4 weeks.

The next four weeks are primarily geared towards building a stronger core, upper body and lower body.

During these 4 weeks you will continue learning how to properly transition from one pose to the next and how to create sequences.

Since you will be a lot stronger and have lost some weight by this point you will be learning how to combine and mix up poses for maximum calories burned

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase

At this point you’ve gotten more familiar with yoga and you’ve also gotten a lot stronger and flexible!

You’re able to do poses, hold them and transition into the next pose almost effortlessly.

Now, in this final phase of Yoga Burn, Zeo shows you how to put everything you’ve learned together and make a high power body toning workout

A workout that will give you the extra boost to really help you firm and tone your body.

You’ll be able to perform yoga workout routines specifically targeted to burn fat efficiently!

Where Can I Buy It?

If you feel that Yoga Burn is right for you then you can purchase it directly on their official website.

Originally, Zoe wanted to price her program at a more expensive price point because she knew people would buy it regardless of the price.

However, she wanted to help as many women as possible so she reduced the price to a more affordable $37!

Zoe is also so confident you’ll see results that she offers a 60 day money back guarantee!

So you have NOTHING to lose!

Free Bonuses

Yoga burn review

Alright so on top for the 3 core phrases to the Yoga Burn you’ll also get a extra bonuses.

Basically the cherries on top of an amazing Yoga sundae.

1. Tranquility Flow 

This bonus is an added 15-minute video to teach restorative yoga techniques.

The goal of this session is to help you relax by showing you how to relax your muscle after exercising.

You’ll learn how to stretch your body properly and improve your posture while you sit and walk throughout the day.

2. Beginner Flow 

Obviously, this bonus section is for beginners.

It is a 45 minute video and workout session that explains all the different yoga poses in great detail.

Included in this workout is a nice relaxation session

3. Pose Tutorials 

The final bonus in this program is the pose tutorials.

During this section Zoe goes over an entire list 21 essential yoga poses.

Just like everything else, she also goes into extreme detail to make sure you get it right.

This module is perfect for anyone who simply wants to take a bit more time cleaning up their mistakes or improve on certain poses


  • Easy to follow
  • Focuses on results
  • Offers both physical and mental benefits
  • Both PDF and Physical copies available 
  • 60 Day money back guarantee


  • Better suited for beginner and intermediate fitness levels
  • Takes a lot of hard work – this shouldn’t be a con but some people want a magic pill to achieve their goal.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed this Yoga Burn review then you have to thank my friend Sophia for bringing it to my attention.

She went through the program herself and saw amazing results.

I personally really want to commend Zoe for how she structured this program. It’s extremely beginner friendly and easy to follow.

Throughout the entire 12 weeks she’s constantly walking you through step-by-step to make sure you succeed with the Yoga Burn.

Sophia likes to say “it’s like she’s right there with you!”

Overall, I feel very confident in the content of this program along with all the testimonials I’ve come across myself.

I’d highly recommend the Yoga Burn program to anyone.

Should You Buy Yoga Burn? $37
review of Yoga burn

Product Name: Yoga Burn

Product Description: The ultimate guide to weight loss through Yoga! With detailed instructions, Zoe Bray-Cotton breaks down each step of the program to help you maximize your results!

Price: $37

  • Value
  • Price
  • User Friendliness

What do we really think?

Yoga Burn is a very detailed program that lays out each workout with the proper instructions. This makes it super simple for anyone to follow the program and see results. We definitely recommend it!

Comments Rating 4 (2 reviews)


  • Step-by-step instructions
  • You get a digital download AND a physical copy
  • Great for anyone who isn’t familiar with Yoga


  • Better suited for beginners
Yoga Burn Review

A few months ago a friend of mine named Sophia saw an ad online claiming to help her lose weight and tone up her body through Yoga. This program is called

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