Vega Sport Protein Review

A few months back I started looking into Vega products so here is my Vega Sport Protein Review and breakdown!

I’ve been trying to transition into the Vegan lifestyle but instead of just cutting all meats and animal products cold turkey I’ve been doing it slowly.

Doing cold turkey led me to end up binging on so much junk, so that approach didn’t work me.

Anyways, around the start of the year I started looking into Vegan supplements. I normally stick with Optimum Nutrition protein, which I highly recommend if you’re not vegan.

After a few “Vegan protein” google searches “I quickly came across Vega and noticed they have 6 different supplements in their line of protein, including the sport.

After looking at the differences I made my decision to buy the Vega Sport protein.

I felt that the high protein content would work best for my needs.

Most reviews online either gravely recommend or disapprove of products.

However, my goal is to lay it all out for you, the pros and cons, everything, Then at the end you can make the decision if the Vega Sport protein fits your need.

I’m a big believer in making a decision based on your own lifestyle rather than the opinion of a random person online.

I’ll do my best to keep this Vega protein review as unbiased as possible so you can look at all the pros and cons and see if this protein fits your own needs.

Anyways, let’s start of with the Vega brand itself.

Who is Vega?

Vega is a popular brand in the Vegan and Vegetarian community for their plant-based protein and products.

They’ve been around since 2001 and have been changing lives and trying their best to change the world by offering products that are sustainable.

People not only love Vega for their products but also for what they stand for and the message they send to other companies

They are is part of the B Corp Movement which is a growing community of companies committed to meeting standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Some of the promises Vega makes on their products are below

  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Grain-free

As you can see Vega prides themselves on providing quality products that serve a purpose!

You cannot go wrong choosing their supplements.

Now let’s get into the breakdown for the Vega Sport protein.

Vega Sport Protein Review

Vega Sport Review

The main reason I love Vega is because they don’t ONLY make protein supplements.

If you take the time to look at their entire line of protein products you’ll notice they each have their extra surprise!

The high protein content and claims for improved recovery makes Vega sport more attractive to athletes and body building types.

As a protein alone it’s great and packed with everything you need to build muscle or lose weight and stay lean.

However, here are some more of the nutritional extras you can expect from the Vega Sport protein

Nutritional Facts

  • 41g per scoop
  • 150 calories
  • 0g of Cholesterol
  • 390mg of Sodium
  • 2g of Fiber
  • 1g of Sugar


  • 30g of Protein
  • 4g of Carbs
  • 3g of Fat

As you can see you get A LOT more than just a solid source of clean protein.

Now, unfortunately flavor wise you are fairly limited.

You can get the Vega sport in 3 different flavors and 2 different sizes (Large & Extra Large)

I know you don’t get many choices but their flavors do taste pretty good and mix well with other ingredients.

If you want to throw it in a blender with some bananas or other fruits then you’ll have a great tasting protein smoothie!


  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Berry


  • Large – 1.8 pounds, approximately 20 servings ​​​​
  • Extra Large – 4 pounds, approximately 45 servings
4.1 Stars on Amazon!

Vega Sport Protein has OVER 1,500 reviews on Amazon!

What’s In It?

Like I mentioned earlier the Vega Sport protein is packed with tons of great ingredients to help you not only with your fitness goals but to also make you feel better overall.

Let’s start off by breaking down the protein blend!

What exactly can you expect from your 30g of protein?

  • Pea protein – improves weight loss and aids muscle comfort after workouts
  • Pumpkin seed protein – also contains magnesium, manganese, copper,  and zinc
  • Alfalfa grass protein – high in micronutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium
  • Organic sunflower seed protein – aids digestion and offers anti-inflammatory properties
Key Ingredients

Vega Sports Protein Powder comes with two key ingredients and they are known as Branch Chain Amino Acid and L-Glutamine. In the following section, detailed analysis on these key ingredients has bee furnished.

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – This key ingredient is helpful to enhance immunity system and reduce muscle fatigue.

It also helps boosting concentration. All these things help the athletes immensely. Overall athlete performance has been enhanced and this ingredient also plays significant role in preventing muscle catabolism after intense workout session.

  • L-Glutamine – This is known to be one of the most important amino acids that human body requires to stay fit as well as active.

However, it is not one of those nine essential amino acids. Body can produce glutamine, though feeding more L-glutamine to body can actually help in various ways. It enhances digestive ability, metabolism and overall immune system of human body.

  • Probiotics – Helps improve digestion and immune system

The biggest difference with Vega Sport protein vs. other brands is the fact that they decided to include probiotics.

This is huge because from digestion to weight loss, probiotics have been proven to increase your overall health!


  • Protein powder desired from animal sources is difficult to digest as well as assimilate. In comparison, plant based protein is good for the stomach and it is easy to be assimilated
  • Vanilla flavor is particularly good in taste. It comes with genuine taste as well as aroma of vanilla
  • Nutritional value is high and it comes with some crucial ingredients like glutamine and BCAAs to give better immune system to human bodies
  • No added sugar is another good thing about this product. Hence, it is low in percentage of carbohydrate. With every serving, only 6 grams carbohydrate has been added to the body
  • No added sugar is also beneficial for those who have diabetes related issues. Thus, the product is recommended to diabetes patients


  • Some people may feel strong aftertaste of the product which may actually stay for a long time
  • The product is expensive, especially when compared with other protein power products at the marketplace

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned earlier I’ve been using the Vega Sport for a few months now and I love it!

I’ve seen great results which is why I was really happy to make this Vega Sport protein review!

Usually I tend to be a more active person and I enjoy hitting the gym as much as possible,

Now, I’m not necessary a body builder but I am trying to put on some muscle.

Since taking the Vega Sport I’ve definitely seen an increase in muscle muscle. I’ve also lost some fat which is great.

It’s basically helped me stay lean while trying to bulk up.

Also, my favorite thing about this protein is the added probiotics!

I’ve tried plenty of protein supplements with extra ingredients like BCAAs and Glutamine but never probiotics.

I think this is what puts it on top of it’s competitors.

My digestion has definitely improved significantly and I also have a lot more energy.

Overall, this is a great supplement!

I love it and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

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Vega Sport Protein Review

A few months back I started looking into Vega products so here is my Vega Sport Protein Review and breakdown! I've been trying to transition into the Vegan

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